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Far Leaves Tea was born in 1998 in Berkeley, CA with the belief that the process of making tea is an embodiment of mindful living. We believe in simplifying that process: from making quality loose leaf tea accessible, to redefining the rules of tea rituals. We source premium teas and herbs grown and harvested by thoughtful people from around the world.


Our Teas:

Sunlight, air, water, and earth combine to form leaves. Human ingenuity adds fire to the mix and it results in waterpots, teapots, teacups, and all manner of cultural accoutrements. Far Leaves searches the world for highlights of these elements and brings back the best for you at a price that is fair to all concerned.

We seek out and support hand made goods brought together by thoughtful people working to sustainably support communities of regular folks doing good, hard, honest work.  We visit farms and screen our sources for organic and wildcrafted teas and herbs. Our herbal infusions blend millennia of experience and knowledge into elixirs and tisanes designed to restore, replenish, and remedy a variety of human ailments and conditions.


We believe that serving tea is an excellent way to help the world become a better place and aspire to spreading the word about the benefits to people that come from adding hot water and leaves their life. Our commitment to water extends to the 5% donation of profits that we make to clean water projects around the world.  We are in this business for life and look forward to your joining us in this quest for a better world.




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