Tea Ninja Class - Jan 22, 2016

Tea Ninja Class - Jan 22, 2016


Becoming Your Own Tea Ninja: Mastering the Art of Brewing Loose Leaf Teas (snacks included)

Come learn the art behind brewing a perfect cup of tea.  In this hands-on class, you will learn from everything you need to brew a perfect cup of tea: from its origin, unique processing, tip & tricks known only to tea masters, what cold brewing brings out in teas, to what teaware is best to brew a perfect cup of premium loose leaf tea, for yourself at home, at work, and guests at parties. Get ready to experiment hands-on brewing, drink lots of tea, eat lots of tea snacks, as well as take home to enjoy two rare teas.

Time: 1-2:30 PM

Location: Far Leaves Tea tea house @ 2626 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA                                             

Teacher Bio: Donna Lo, co-founder of Far Leaves Tea www.farleaves.com, is one of the first female tea proprietors in the United States pioneering the world of premium loose leaf tea. With 17 years of tea experience, from tea buying all over the world, blending teas, teaching tea at the Asian Art Museum, Workshop SF, Ramekins Culinary School, training Michelin-starred restaurant staff on tea, to creating her own tea confectionaries, Donna is known for her everyone-can-be-a-tea-master philosophy. She encourages everyone to enjoy tea in their own way and come up with their own version of tea rituals.